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    • 356 x Somerton mk2 Side Brick Set (Pair) (£47.94) = £17066.64
    • 341 x Somerton Secondary Air Plate - Lower (£15.00) = £5115.00
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Picture of Toby Oil Valve - 4-12cc - Harmony 5

Toby Oil Valve - 4-12cc - Harmony 5

This toby valve has been replaced with part No. 46207 3cc to 11cc

Toby oil control valve 4cc to 12cc fitted to the Harmony 5, Stanford 50 and Toledo oil stoves. It would have needed adjusting as the low flow rate was 1cc too high. The replacement has the correct flow rate for the size of burner.

Kerosene not diesel 

The failure rate is 0.02% and the two most common causes of problems is the metering stem sticking down or air trapped within the valve.

We recommend that you read the Technical Bulletin TB115, in the document section below, for more detailed information on the Toby valve.



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