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  • (7) items: £118990.32
    • 457 x Somerton mk2 Tertiary Air Bar (£23.99) = £10962.52
    • 467 x Somerton mk2 Rear Brick Set (Pair) (£36.02) = £16823.21
    • 463 x Somerton II Ash Pan (Complete) (£47.99) = £22218.44
    • 392 x Somerton Mk.2 Cast Iron Grate (£35.99) = £14107.30
    • 457 x Somerton mk2 Baffle Brick (£42.00) = £19194.00
    • 477 x Somerton mk2 Side Brick Set (Pair) (£57.53) = £27440.86
    • 458 x Somerton Secondary Air Plate - Lower (£18.00) = £8244.00
    • Inc. VAT

Why does my stove have a catalyser and what does that mean?

Whether you live in a country cottage, a modern new-build or an urban apartment, there’s nothing quite like coming home to the warmth and cosy feeling of a wood-burning stove. With eco-friendly design firmly at the forefront of all stove designs, some of the models we offer now come with an environmentally-conscious catalytic convertor or catalyst.

There are many benefits to both consumers and the planet when you choose a catalytic stove. Producing a long, even heat output, catalytic combustion is designed to clean the smoke that leaves your chimney, reduce creosote and enable you to get more heat from each piece of wood. The catalyst passes the smoky exhaust through a coated ceramic honeycomb inside the stove where the smoke gases and particles ignite and burn.

This means less dust as well as 80% lower CO2 emissions. Catalytic combustion is operated by a lever bypass damper for starting and reloading and to maintain your stove in peak condition, make sure you never over-fill the stove or use an inappropriate fuel such as household waste or treated wood. Burn only natural, well-seasoned wood, with a moisture content of less than 20% and clean the catalyst regularly with a vacuum or soft-bristled brush.

“We are extremely proud to be able to offer a full range of catalytic wood burning stoves,” says Chris Baines, managing director of Eurostove, “With styles to suit both classic and contemporary homes, there’s something for everyone and you can now rest assured that your stove is both eco-friendly and high performing without any mess or fuss.”

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